We are a Maryland-Based Non-Profit that Provides Residential Services to Adults with Intellectual Deficits

Our mission is to bring people together and to support people in having what is valuable and important to them, by: Fostering the development of networks of mutually reinforcing relationships, which may create opportunities for life-enhancing experiences, Cultivating centrality and richness in people's lives; Encouraging reciprocal assistance in the manner of good neighbors; Enabling people to have their own homes; Defending people's choices and rights; and Helping people to have valued competencies and images.

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Maryland Neighborly Networks Inc.
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Berwyn Heights, MD 20740
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About Our Organization

Maryland Neighborly Networks has been providing residential services in Prince George’s County for more than 28 years. We are a small, private, non-profit agency and have been dedicated to individualized services since our inception. We currently operate fifteen homes serving 40 people. It has always been our practice to view each potential service recipient as a unique individual. We try to match that person with one or two other compatible persons and find a home for them that is as close as possible to their places of employment or daytime activity. If individuals desire to live close to family members we take that into consideration when searching for a home.

We have always included people in the purchasing of furniture and decorations for their homes. Individuals have always been encouraged and assisted in developing and maintaining relationships with friends and family members. The people who use Networks’ services have always had a voice and have always been encouraged to exercise their right to make informed choices. The concept of individualized choice has been a matter of day-to-day life at Networks for more than two decades.

Our administrators are experienced professionals whose values and hearts are in what we consider to be “the right place”. They have worked in this field for many years and remain committed to the fulfilling the Maryland Neighborly Networks mission every day. Janice Stallworth is the Executive Director of the agency. Antonia Lewis-Brown, our Deputy Director, has been in the field for over 40 years and has been with Networks since its first year of operation.